Minding Your Mind

Fifty percent of individuals with a life-time diagnosis of a mental health issue will show warning signs by the age of 14. Educating students, parents, teachers and school administrators on this often avoided topic is critical. Minding Your Mind provides this much needed education by sponsoring school programs, supporting research and holding an annual public forum each May. A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Minding Your Mind is based just outside Philadelphia. Please click the following link to learn more: MindingyourMind

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Yahoo Finance Article

Parents teach their children how to read, ride a bike and tie their shoes because they know their kids will rely on these important skills throughout life. For exactly the same reason, they should also teach their children how to be frugal.

But parents must be careful how they approach these lessons. Going overboard with frugality can send the wrong message. Think twice before buying cheap raisin bran cereal in bulk and spending hours picking out the raisins -- as one Reddit user did with his son -- simply because it's cheaper than individual boxes of raisins. Doing so probably won't be a cherished childhood memory for your kid.

Lecturing your child to be frugal might not be much better. No matter how many times you explain that turning the lights off after leaving a room will lower the electricity bill, it's unlikely to get the job done.

"The most important thing is parents need to lead by example," says Dr. Taliba Foster, a child psychiatrist who has a private...

10 Ways Science

Life moves quickly, and every day we make countless in-the-moment decisions, often not fully considering the consequences and finality of those choices. In spite of this, things usually turn out reasonably well. But what about those times things don’t turn out so well, when you wished you might have chosen better? With science contributing to breakthroughs in medicine, technology, physics and just about every area of life, wouldn’t it be nice if science could also help us in the decision-making process? Well, here are several experts who say that scientific studies and scientific methods can indeed help us make better decisions -- and they also explain how you can take advantage of it.Click for full article


Bullying at School Has Taken On More Sinister Dimensions—even on the Main Line. Hence, the surge in anti-bullying education. It’s something parents have come to expect when their kids hit middle school—but not kindergarten. When 5-year-old Julia first started at a private all-girls school on the Main Line, she was excited about attending. Soon, though, she was making excuses to stay home, becoming so upset on the morning drive that she’d become physically ill.

Her parents were at a loss. After alerting her teacher and the school, they learned that Julia was being relentlessly teased and excluded from playtime by her fellow kindergarteners. A female classmate was the ring leader, admitting that she was being mean because Julia, an Asian American, “looked different.”

Psychiatrist Taliba M. Foster has treated Julia and others the same age at her private practice in Ardmore. Early on, bullying tactics include everything from name calling to hiding toys....


Newtown Connecticut School Shooting- Dr. Foster was onsite in Newtown, CT. in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. She was interviewed by CBS during the Health Segment, titled "Helping Children Deal with Today's School Shooting." The link to the article and video can be found here > Click-For-Video

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Today’s school shooting in Connecticut is shocking for the children who lived through it and for those watching and hearing about the tragedy. There will naturally be a lot of fear and anxiety following this shooting, but experts say it’s important to reassure children they’re safe and encourage them to express their feelings.

“It doesn’t even seem real. It just does not seem like it’s even possible,” expressed a mother at the scene in...


Philadelphia has Some of the Best Teaching Hospitals in the Country- many graduates go on to practice in the city. Philadelphia would be an excellent choice for job searching in the field of psychology, psychiatry or social sciences. Taliba Foster attended the University of Pennsylvania to obtain her undergraduate degree and finished off her training atChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she completed her Child andAdolescent Psychiatry Fellowship. Dr. Foster’s practice has remained in the Philadelphia area where she does a great deal of work with intermediary agencies working on behalf of children in Philadelphia.

  • Can you describe your duties as a therapist?
  • “My primary responsibilities are to provide psycho-education, psychotherapy and psychopharmacology to children, adolescents and adults.”
  • Where did you get your degree?
  • “I received my undergraduate degree from the University of...