120-min | Initial Session

Initial 120 Minute Comprehensive Evaluation- This is your first visit with Dr. Foster in which she will review your full medical, psychiatric, psychosocial and family history. It is important to obtain an accurate medical history during this first visit, therefore, please print and complete all forms in our forms section and have them available to present to the doctor so she will be able to make the best use of your time together. During this session, your reason(s) for seeking treatment will be discussed in depth and a full treatment plan (including psychotherapy and/or medication if needed) will be prescribed.

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50-min | Follow-Up (+) Session

  • Medication Management & Psychotherapy Session- During this dual-purpose customized follow-up session, the doctor will adjust and alter your medication regimen as needed, as well as engage in intensive psychotherapy. Dr. Foster’s general treatment principle regarding psychotropic medications is to use the lowest effective dose of medication that successfully alleviates your symptoms. Regarding psychotherapy, specific treatment modalities used during sessions include psychodynamic or insight-oriented therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy.

25-min | Follow-Up Session 

Medication Management Session- This is a follow-up session tailored specifically to any medication management issues you may have. Your mood, symptoms and psychopharmacological treatment plan will be discussed thoroughly. Any appropriate changes to your medication regimen will be made and supportive psychotherapy will be performed. Dr. Foster is also regularly available to her patients by phone or email for any follow-up questions regarding medication changes. Please keep in mind that many medication cannot be filed, refilled or changed by telephone, so a session may be required


50-min | Walk & Shop Session

Walk & Shop Psychotherapy Session- Walking Psychotherapy is a unique and highly-beneficial addition to our arsenal and Dr. Foster’s Ardmore office is conveniently located in Suburban Square, an upscale shopping plaza. During this session,Dr. Foster will meet you at a peaceful park, your favorite shop within the plaza or another location of your choice for a leisurely, replacing and highly therapeutic stroll. During our walk & shop, we will engage in intensive talk therapy using the same psychotherapeutic techniques we employ at our regular office location

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Education Specialist *NEW

  • The Education Specialist will evaluate and strengthen curriculum comprehension, provide individual tutoring that caters to developmental learning styles. The Educational Specialist will also coordinate and communicate expectations and progress between students’ guardians and Dr. Taliba Foster. (more details coming soon!)
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Walkie Talkie Group Walks *NEW

  • The group should meet at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center (click for google map directions) which is right next to the parking lot, parking is free.
  • Meeting time is 10am. I will supply bottled water and trail mix for the group. Click here for written out directions
  • There are more than 10 miles of trails at the refuge. Bicycling is allowed on the main trails but prohibited on some of the woodland foot trails and on the boardwalks.
  • * In each case follow Lindbergh Blvd. to first stop sign-refuge entrance on right
  • **Full description coming soon!

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