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Small children’s brains have no difficulty registering bright, fast-moving images, but the giddy shock and awe of animation doesn’t give them time to exercise their deeper cognitive faculties.

Exercising cognition! Not an option with digital but perfect for pictures! When is the last time that you exercised your cognition?

Autism in girls often isn’t diagnosed for a surprising reason, CHOP study finds

Researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have discovered yet another subtle but significant difference between school-age boys and girls with autism: The way they tell stories.

"Although boys are four times as likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder than girls, a growing number of experts say autism in girls and women may be detected late or missed entirely because the disorder presents itself differently between genders". #autismawareness #autismawarenessmonth #autism #aspergers #diagnosis

Pot ✅ Topic: Medical 🏥 Marijuana with Taliba M. Foster, MD at Main Line Psychiatric as featured in Philadelphia Style Magazine’s April Issue. Dr. Foster, one of “Philadelphia’s Top Medical Professionals,” is the Subject Matter Expert on this Wacky Weed’s medical benefits and uses. Learn more here ➡️:{"issue_id":575156,"page":88} #MedicalMarijuana #Health #News #TopDoc #Philadelphia

Study: Teens, young adults who take amphetamines are twice as likely to suffer psychosis

A new study has found that teens and young adults who take amphetamines such as Adderll for ADHD are twice as likely to suffer psychosis.

Data collected from a private insurance company found that 1:660 teens who start stimulants become psychotic. They also found that Adderall is twice as likely as Ritalin to cause psychoses. An ad hoc group of psychiatrists found that they did not see these differences. Parents please don’t stop medication cold turkey. Talk to your physician.

Rx: Take your time and don’t fret. Mercury has gone retrograde and planetary movement affects mood. It’s no surprise that psychiatric wards are bursting at the seams during a full moon. No need to fear just be aware and take care of your mental health!

T Malika

Crime scene staging has been documented since biblical times. In Genesis, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, covered his robe in goat blood and convinced their father that wild animals killed Joseph. After the World Trade Center (WTC) attacks, there was an upsurge in people who claimed to either be in the WTC at the time of the attack or as first responders who suffered physical and or mental consequences. Some of them did it for money (Diagnosis: MALINGERING) and others were looking for notoriety and attention (Diagnosis: FACTITIOUS DISORDER or MUNCHAUSEN). Less than a week before the physical attack, Smollett received a racist/homophobic letter containing white powder(crushed ibuprofen). There was not a lot of press coverage and we now know that Smollett sent the “false” letter to himself in an attempt to “gain attention.” It didn’t work, so he upped the ante. After the alleged physical attack by two Nigerian brothers who were extras on his television show (AND are in possession of Smollett’s $3500 CHECK) Smollett may have been “punched a little bit,” but the scratches on his face were “most likely self-inflicted”. Smollett has been clear about his victimization, but just as clear about his HEROISM because he fought back and scared his attackers away. He wins twice. What’s atypical about this case is Smollett’s success. Most who have factitious disorders are not achievers, don’t have obvious talents, and the factitious victimization is a desperate cry for help. Smollett’s cries are drowned out by outrage as this one act triggered every “uncomfortable conversation” in the nation. Smollett went from notoriety to notorious in 48 hours. There is anger and frustration from all sides, loudest from those who rushed to his defense, those who want to make him an example, and most importantly, those who have been victims of hate crimes. In a perfect world there could have been empathy for Smollett and the stress that he was under that resulted in these behaviors. Smollett’s world is crumbling and he is facing felony charges with potential jail time. In my medical opinion, Smollett needs acute 24 hour psychiatric supervision until further notice.

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