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Study: Affluent Black Kids Suffer Higher Rates of Depression Because ... You Guessed It: Racism

When evaluating the reasons for health disparities, most studies find a link between income and education to explain the health gap in the black community. But a new study from researchers at the University of Michigan has found that blacks with higher levels of affluence are more likely to suffer f...


High Anxiety in America: APA Poll Highlights Nationwide Worries

Concern about health, safety, and paying bills have contributed to an increase in Americans' anxiety levels, according to a new poll released by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

"Increases in anxiety scores were seen across age groups, across people of different races and ethnicities, and among men and women. Millennials continue to have the highest levels of anxiety among all age groups, but baby boomers had the biggest jump in anxiety from 2017 to 2018.." #signofthetimes

Woman Who Shared Philadelphia Starbucks Arrest Video Tells Her Story

"I was sitting close to where they were. Very close. They were not doing anything. They weren’t."

"People ignore this kind of stuff. They don’t believe that it happens. People are saying that there must be more to this story. There is not. This would never happen to someone who looks like me. People don’t believe black people when they say this stuff happens. It does. They want to know the extenuating circumstances. There are none". #bravewoman #trauma101

Shaun King

Black boy asked for directions to his school after getting lost. White man chases him with a shotgun and shoots it at him. The man needs to be arrested and charged right away.

His father is in Iraq fighting for our country. He went to the house with the town watch sticker because he thought that was a safe place. #prayersforourboys #dobetter

The Scout Guide Main Line

During these difficult times at many schools where children and adolescents are struggling, it may be a good time to consider counseling for your child. We stand behind the services of Taliba M. Foster, MD at Main Line Psychiatric She is centrally located in Suburban Square and specializes in the identification and treatment of cognitive, emotional and behavioral conditions in children, adolescents, and adults.

Thank you The Scout Guide The Scout Guide Main Line for sharing my expertise to help support our youth and guide their parents on how to manage the topics and events impacting our nation. Mental wellness is the key to ensuring happy children, happy families and happy lives. #MentalHealth #Psychiatry

Talking to teens about sexual harassment

Perception or reality it certainly seems like sexual harassment allegations are at an all-time high and with that how people, particularly young people are being prepared for it has changed.

Critical topic discussed with FOX 29 given recent news on Matt Lauer and other celebrities ousted for sexual harassment. Tips for how to speak with our children so they know how to stay safe and communicate if in an inappropriate situation. #SexualHarassment #TipsForTeens #MentalHealth

Special thanks to Philadelphia Magazine’s David Lipson for supporting me as a “Maker of the Main Line” honoring the area’s top professionals across multiple disciplines. Honored to be amongst such leaders and to serve the community with psychiatric support for Healthy Minds & Healthy Lives🙏 #MentalHealth #BestOfPhilly #Psychiatrist

Pa. Man Who Gives Free Haircuts to the Homeless Receives Free Barbershop From Stranger

Winter is approaching, and with it, all the difficult weather conditions that often apply. Because of that, one kindhearted Philadelphia man thought that he would have to temporarily give up his mission of giving free haircuts to the homeless—that is until one equally kindhearted stranger stepped in...

If you give, you get.

The holidays can be a stressful time, so sharing some background on my commitment to psychiatric care as featured in this month’s Philadelphia Magazine offering insight into my work at The Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia~Chop and at my private practice in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Reach out for support by calling my office at 484-412-8316 and learn more here or on my web site at #healthyminds #healthyfamilies #mentalhealth #awareness #treatment #philadelphia #bestofphilly #psychiatrist

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Newtown Connecticut School Shooting- Dr. Foster was onsite in Newtown, CT. in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook… more


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Bullying at School Has Taken On More Sinister Dimensions—even on the Main Line. Hence, the surge in… more

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